One On One Networking Form

Networking is the way to do business in the 21st century.
It is all about cultivating relationships.

The form below was designed to help you with conducting a one on one meeting.
Please feel free to use the form as often as you wish.
A copy will be emailed to the email addresses you provide in the form.

Your Name  –  Your Company Name:

Your Email Address:    
Interviewee Name  – Interviewee Company Name:  
Interviewee Email Address:    

What company, industry do you want to work with and what would be that person’s title or level?

Describe the services/product you could provide someone in my network when I uncover a need?

What would I hear in a casual conversation that would make me think of you?

Describe your Perfect Client (could be an existing client you’d like more of)

When I uncover a need for your services, what do you want me to say to promote you? 

Any networking events that you will be attending this next week that I could attend with you?

How can I assist you this week in your business? 

Share a “Client Success” Story.



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